An advisory network with the industry’s top executives and decision-makers to accelerate meaningful technology adoption across maritime value chain.

Our Advisors

Adam Gade.png

Adam Gade



Claus Nehmzow-100.jpg

Claus Nehmzow

Chief Innovation Officer

Eastern Pacific Shipping

Jan Holm.png

Jan Holm

Managing Director

Maersk Drilling

Mario Veraldo.png

Mario Veraldo


Reinvention Revolution

Punit Oza.png

Punit Oza

Board Member

Klaveness Asia

Argyris Stasinakis.png

Argyris Stasinakis

Executive Partner


Dr. Dmitriy Antropov.png

Dr. Dmitriy Antropov

Co-Head, Private Infrastructure

Partners Group

Jan Klingsholm.png

Jan Klingsholm


Torvald Klaveness

Martijn Van De Linde-100.jpg

Martijn Van De Linde

Advisory Board

Mubadala Infrastructure Partners

Rasmus Nagel.png

Rasmus Nagel

General Member

Swire Shipping

Chakib Abi-Saab.png

Chakib Abi-Saab

Group CTO


Haymon Sinapius.png

Haymon Sinapius

Investment Manager

Bernard Schulte Innoport

Jens Floe.png

Jens Floe


Red Sea Gateway Terminal

Michael Jorgensen.png

Michael Jorgensen

Senior Vice President

Torvald Klaveness

Robert Kledal.png

Robert Kledal

Board Member

Wrist Ship Supply

Chua Chye Poh-100.jpg

Chua Chye Poh



Henrik Ramskov.png

Henrik Ramskov

Managing Partner

Navigare Capital Partners

Jesper Thomsen.png

Jesper Thomsen

Ex-Vice President

Maersk Line

Mikael Krogh.png

Mikael Krogh

Managing Partner


Steen Lund.png

Steen Lund



Christian Laursen.png

Christian Laursen



Jakob Bergholdt.png

Jakob Bergholdt

EVP Finance

Toll Global Forwarding

Lars Jensen.png

Lars Jensen


SeaIntelligence Consulting

Peter Borup.png

Peter Borup



Tero Hottinen-100.jpg

Tero Hottinen

Head of IoT Partnership


The Alliance will support the startup go-to-market initiatives to tap on specific domain experts for guidance and mentorship. Since launching in November 2020 the Alliance has brought together more than 40 maritime value chain industry leaders for portfolio companies.

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What Our Advisors Say

“A common issue we see is that startups spend several months of effort developing their ideas and their first iteration of a product, only to find out they are disconnected from the needs of the industry when pitching to a maritime corporate partner. This situation results in lost effort, wasted time, and in some cases, it bankrupts the startup. The Alliance is the perfect vehicle to remove this issue because they bring advisory and corporate partners early on the conversations, resulting in startups dedicating their time innovating and re-engineering real industry challenges, which has proven to exponentially increase their chances for success.”

Chakib Abi Saab

Alliance Advisor

Chief Technology Officer, Bahri

Punit Oza

Alliance Advisor

Director, Klaveness Asia

“This pandemic has reinforced the message that maritime companies, which serve the lifeline industry, need to be flexible, adaptive and sustainable. As people work from home and the new normal sets in, the only way to surmount these challenges is to have a fresh approach to solutions. The time to innovate is now and the need to innovate is greater than ever.”