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Motion Ventures is a venture investment fund supercharged by corporate first-movers to accelerate maritime supply chain innovation.

Motion Ventures

Motion Ventures drives industry adoption. We are, by design, focused on giving our portfolio companies the best chance to succeed through a deep global network of Fortune 500 corporate partners, government agencies and decision makers.

We invest in

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Founders at Seed, Pre-Series A, and Series A stage companies building


Innovative Digital Solutions


Enablers in sustainable and resilient maritime supply chain

The observation

Some of the most difficult problems faced in the journey of finding product market fit is navigating multiple stakeholders within the same organisation resulting in a long sales cycle.

The hypothesis

Motion Ventures scales industry adoption by ensuring founders grow with the best crowd. We've brought together the catalysts who want to see a better world and are ready to fast track what's needed to shift the future.

The aim

To equip startups with a strategic mix of industry players who can help them scale and accelerate their journey.

With us, you're in the right company.

Supercharged by government, industry first movers and executives in the industry

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