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Strategic Network

Motion Ventures’ strategic network brings public and private sector stakeholders from across the industry together for ​​a fresh opportunity to supercharge startups and reduce innovation risks.


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Our Corporate Consortium

Transforming innovation resistance into industry reward

Corporate consortiums are structured to give industry leaders and startups the best chance for innovation success. The goal is simple - to bring a group of industry adopters together to connect with entrepreneurs early in the process and figure out how to build solutions with an industry context in mind.

Startups benefit by accessing a legacy of industry insights from experts to refine their solutions and assist their scaling journey. Meanwhile, corporations can access new ways of thinking while shaping new products and technologies. In turn, this can drive more value into their own operations.

“I am energised to see the innovation and transformation taking place in the maritime industry. With the unique combination of capital, competence and corporate capability, I have no doubt that Motion Ventures will also resonate with other forward-leaning industry stakeholders and ambitious startups wanting to make a meaningful impact. Being the first anchor of this inclusive collaboration approach to seek scalable future solutions is an inherently exciting proposition and indeed in line with Wilhelmsen’s vision of shaping the maritime industry”

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Nakul Malhotra
Vice President, Open Innovation

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Takuya Sakamoto

Motion Ventures’ corporate consortium approach has resonated with us as a way to supercharge startups and reduce innovation risks alongside other established industry leaders. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded industry peers to spearhead the future of maritime and supply chain

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