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The State of Maritime Innovation Report 2023

Since the start of the decade, maritime operations and reputation have each undergone significant transformation. With Covid, climate change and geopolitical tensions putting the role of supply chains in connecting global economies centre stage, the drive to innovate in this heritage industry has accelerated. Many of the challenges facing our sector are not unique, but nevertheless they are great. Fortunately, there is huge talent and interest in developing solutions that will not just protect us from future risk, but develop solid foundations for a better-performing industry. This year, Motion Ventures is launching a stocktake on the state of maritime innovation.

Table of Contents


State of Supply Chains                                                                                    

The State of Digital Transformation throughout Supply Chains                        

The State of Digital Transformation in Ports                                                

The State of Emerging Maritime Sectors                                                       

The State of Sustainable Maritime Innovation                        

Concluding Thoughts                                                                                     








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